Sunday, March 29, 2015

A few "new" ice/ mixed lines

Austin Hart in go mode - priming the tucker cat

This winter was pretty bleak in terms of Beartooth ice climbing - the warm Chinook winds blew constantly this winter and we spent more days carrying our ice packs around than climbing.  With that said we did nab a few "new" climbs.  

Austin scoped this beautiful line and nabbed the probably first ascent on this ephemeral pillar- thus "Foxy Lady" was born.  I feel luck to have held the rope for Austin on this one.

Austin getting in deep with "Foxy Lady"

Rock creek falls was pretty anemic this winter and the left set of rappel anchors were off to the side far from the ice.  I decided to mix climb to them.  Go half way up the ice the venture out left on the white rock vein to the anchors - M3 - bring small gear and pins.

I retro bolted (with permission) a line just to the left of Hellroaring falls.  "1/4 mile Lyle" M5/6        10 clips on pumpy and techy rock.

Cheers, Loren