Friday, February 7, 2014

Montana Bouldering Championships 2014

Short notice; but the Montana Bouldering Championship is happening this coming weekend (Sat. Feb. 8th) at Steep World in Billings, Montana.

This event separates the Montana Bouldering field and crowns the strongest male and female climber in the State- it's also really fun to participate in and the energy level is through the roof!

If you're lucky you may even get to go to the skee-ball championship later that night and meet Chuck-E-Cheese himself!

See you there!

Here is an interview in preparation for the event:

Montana Bouldering Championships: MBC2014: A Brief Chat with Loren Rausch: Loren in alpine mode  This week, in our run up to the Montana Bouldering Championships on February 8th, I sit down for a brief chat with...

Cheers, Loren