Thursday, May 24, 2012

Splitter Cracks and Ancient Art

A small gathering of Montana climbers just returned from a trip to Indian Creek, Utah. We had perfect (although hot) weather which we didn't complain about. We climbed in the morning then lounged in the sun in the afternoon, replenishing the Vitamin-D reserves in our pale-skinned group. We ended the trip with an ascent of Ancient Art. What a surprisingly easy, but stunning route/spire. I'm always impressed with the desert, the beauty, and the personalities it draws.

Bridget on the summit of ancient art

K-Bone on "T-Bones Tonight"

Myself on the classic "scarface"

Bridget on-sighting "Cave Route"

torn up fingers from "digital readout"

Bridget leading Coyne crack

myself on sig saur

Nathan Cooper on his first Indian creek climb

Ancient art

Cheers, Loren