Monday, December 10, 2012

Hyalite choss scratching

Hyalite Canyon has been good this year and I've had a few great opportunities the past month.  I had the chance to help with Sherpas Cinemas film Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson climbing a Hyalite test piece ice climb (Winter Dance).  I was the mule and hauled camera equipment to the top of the climb and then did a bit of rope rigging.  It was a learning experience for me in many ways.

Conrad on Winter Dance

 Looking down Winter Dance

The Chopper filming- the film is going to be awesome!

 I also got out with a few friends to do some Hyalite mixed climbing.  We have been working "northwest passage" (M11).  I came very close to climbing it on my third burn so I'm feeling confident that I can get it done this season (in between my student teaching semester in a middle school science classroom).

Kyle vassilopoulos climbing "Panama Canal" M8, "Northwest passage" climbs out the roof to the right of the hanging ice dagger.

Myself red-pointing the techy "Panama Canal" M8.

Rusty Willis on "Northwest Passage" M11.

Cheer, Loren