Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tolman Gully?

Last weekend Bridget and I spotted an ice flow to the North (lookers left) of the Rock Creek Falls Drainage.  The following day we headed up there with Echo Oaks (who also saw the ice the weekend prior) and Olin Erickson.  What we found was a super moderate, but alpine ice gully that brings one directly to the summit of Tolman Mountain.  It was really fun and had about 400-500' of ice climbing up to WI3 with some gully walking between the short ice flows.  It seems to be an early season climb.

We found rappel webbing on trees from previous parties - thus it is not a new route by any means - just another seldom done Beartooth classic.

PS.  If you know the name of this climb let us know - I'm just going to refer to it as Tolman gully based on geographical reference.

Cheers, Loren