Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Tooth Revisited

Bridget and I had a wonderful time this past weekend climbing the beautiful Beartooth Spire. After Rusty Willis and I had made a climb of the spire a few winters ago the area fell by the way side(for me)for a bit as school took over my life. It was good to get back to my spiritual sanctuary.

We hiked in and with plenty of day light decided to climb a clean slab on Mount Rearguard, located on the north end of Moon Lake. The climb turned out to be really mellow and fun. (Pitch1 5.5, 70m, Pitch2 5.5, 60m, pitch3, 5.4 20m). With the sun striking the rock and the sound of waves breaking on shore it was a tranquil climb. We finished the climb by hiking for 15 minutes to the summit of Mount Rearguard.

The slab above moon lake

Bridget following the first pitch of the slab

Bridget leading the second pitch of the slab

The top of Mount Rearguard

The next day we woke early and hiked to the Tooth. It was good to us.

Bridget on the Tooth

Bridget leads the crux

Me following the crux

Bridget being dwarfed by the bigness

We're not in the Bugaboos anymore

Oh, and I guess the ropes don't touch on the last rappell.

Bridget perpetually smiling

Home sweet home

I found something on the East Ridge of the Tooth, if you know what I'm talking about shoot me a message.

Cheers, Loren

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