Tuesday, April 23, 2013

space, time, and the texture of reality

Yesterday I found these topos I drew from a Beartooth climbing trip from many years ago.  For some reason I brought a really deep book to read on this trip (The fabric of the cosmos: Space, time, and the texture of reality) which describes everything physics, and I drew the topos in the blank back pages while sitting around camp.  I hadn't picked this book up for years (and I still haven't read the whole thing) but I started laughing when I flipped the book open to this page.  kinda cool to rediscover.

Cheers, Loren

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  1. Cool topos, will make use of the Spirit one this summer! Was underneath the west side of MEtcalf on a ski trip a couple weeks ago and noticed some decent-looking rock that would probably serve up some fun shorter routes... has anything been done over there?