Monday, April 16, 2012

The East Rosebud: paradise threatened.

"progress for the sake of progress is the ideology of the cancer cell" Edward Abbey

The beautiful East Rosebud valley

The beautiful East rosebud valley (the Beartooth Mountains, Montana) is in danger of becoming the scene of industrial hydroelectrical dams. The East Rosebud is a special valley that is surrounded (literally) by wilderness. It is home to the classic "California Ice" climb (one of the longest ice climbs in the lower 48), big wall climbing, beautiful alpine cragging, numerous single pitch ice climbs, fishing, hunting, camping, solitude, get the idea. It'a a special place. Having a corporation restrict the access to these opportunities, heavy construction vehicles in the valley, and numerous negative implications for local fauna (aquatic and terrestrial- did you know that there is a herd of big horn sheep that winter in the valley?)...again, you get the picture.

please sign the petition to stop the proposed dams. Also, the flow of water is so low in the winter the dam can only function, i.e. produce energy, for three months of the year...lame. Information and the petition can be found by clicking the link below.

Protect The East Rosebud

Here are some more links to recreational opportunities in the East Rosebud valley:



Here are some pictures I took while climbing/recreating in the beautiful East Rosebud Valley.

photo by Kevin Volkening.

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  1. Much thanks for posting this. I will sign the petition and stay informed as well as link to it on my blog and help spread the word. East Rosebud is one of the most spectacular, incredible places I've ever been. The access to skiing and climbing are unparalleled in that part of the state.

  2. Totally signed the petition Lolo