Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Granite Peak

The Shelley Arete marked in red. I got this picture from this awesome site FRIENDS OF GRANITE PEAK

Bridget and I just got back from a trip to Granite peak, the highest point in Montana. I have been looking at a long arete on the peaks south side for a while now and decided this was the trip to give it a try.
We left out tent at 5:00am and summited the peak at 4:30 pm, after 15 pitches of climbing, mostly alpine 5.6/7, with 3 or 4 pitches of 5.9 thrown in. We rappelled the east ridge back to the tent.
I want to name the route the "Shelley Arete" ,if it's a new route, after a Redlodge local who gets after it in the Beartooths and who has probably climbed Granite peak more than any other person. Cheers, Loren

Music by: Port O'brien


  1. Awesome job guys, looks like a beautiful route!

  2. Nice Loren!

    Care to compare it to the Lunar Arete?

  3. Hey man! The rock quality (overall) is no where near as good as lunar arete, but it still is a beautiful line up a mountain.

  4. Nice, did a bunch of that (9/5/93) but 'got expedient' somewhere up high in a snowstorm and finished on the east facing stuff. I recall a bunch of pitches, some simul, and wrote it down as 5.7/5.8. I've recommended it over the years but don't know who's done it. The buttress to the right is nice 3rd class, don't know of anyone who's been on the one to the left.

  5. Steve, thats awesome! I knew a line that obvious had to be seen/climbed by others.